Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Big Changes and the Next Step

Big, big changes are happening over here!  I haven't talked about it much, but we are in the middle of moving to a new house - today!  It started on Monday with the movers coming to box up stuff, and today they are working on my studio :(   I have a picture of the studio being packed up, but Blogger won't let me load it.  Oh well.  It was a fuzzy shot anyway..

I think I've been in a bit of denial over this move, and now I'm finally facing up to it and working with it.  I think that all of this transition (and the hormones from this pregnancy) have been really getting to me - even more than I realized.  I'm a homebody, and I love my house and studio, and so the thought of leaving all this behind was kind of hard.  Not to mention the nesting instincts are strong, and I just want to be getting the baby's room ready, instead of moving an entire house!  But you know what??  I'm feeling better than I have in a while.  The new house now looks like an actual house (instead of chaotic construction site), and it helped to give me an attitude adjustment.  I finally realized this is the closing of one door and the opening of another

It's the beginning of a new chapter in my life.  New house, new child, and hopefully soon, a new studio too.  I've been pouting because the new house doesn't have a studio right now, but I've lived without a studio before and I made it work then, so I'll just do that again.  It's all temporary - I just need to remember that.  And really, once the baby comes, I'll be swamped for the first couple of months anyway until sleep begins to return to my life.  So while I may be stuck in limbo for a bit longer, I am going to try to work with it, instead of fighting it.  And then I need to journal about it when I need some release :)

Hope all of you are creating some awesomeness!  I'm going to ride this crazy train for a bit longer and then hopefully get back to it :)


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