Monday, July 27, 2009


This is the first time in a very long time that I get to make pottery and sculpture just for me. I am currently working on more planters for the house, since my first really big one was a bit unsuccessful. I made it in two sections, and the top section didn't survive the firing so well. I suspect the problem was that I fired it before it was thoroughly dry! Oops!!! But here is a picture of the first big coil-built planter with a fern in it. It is missing the top section, but I feel it is still very acceptable, as is. So, I still haven't gotten this planter thing out of my system, so I have been working on another one. Not quite as tall, but I think my technique is getting better. I have also been working on some new decoration for the surface. Since losing my mother this year, I have so much pent up inside of me, and now I think it is time to start the process of getting it out. I am going for personal narrative and iconography in my surface design. I've always enjoyed drawing and carving in the clay, so this is what I am doing. I'm layering colors and designs and materials and so far, I will show you what I have. Now, this planter is still wet, and is not finished, but it is far enough along that I can show you. Here are some photos... That second photo is a detail shot from the other side of the pot. I'm not sure how tall the planter is, but you can see a coffee cup in the first photo to get a sense of scale. If you zoom in, the surface design is all about what has been happening in my life in the past year or so. I shall keep you posted on how the planter finishes up. Please feel free to comment!

Friday, July 24, 2009

"Here's Mud in Your Eye!"

Well, last night was a new experience for me. I have discovered a new meaning to the phrase "Here's mud in your eye!". I was in the studio after the baby had gone to bed, and I was mixing up a small batch of slip (liquid clay) to paint on a planter I have been making. I put it in the blender and was adding small amounts of water as I blended because the clay was too thick. It wasn't blending at all due to the thickness, so I took the top off to work a little easier. I am standing there, pouring in water, stirring, trying to get it to blend, when POP! An air bubble surfaces explosively, and comes shooting out of the blender and directly into my face! I took the hit mostly in my right eye (well, it was everywhere, in my hair, all over my face, but none of that mattered) and boy, I couldn't see anything! It was like I had been in a pie throwing contest! Thick, goopy clay all in my eye and forcefully put there by the blender! Ow! Ow! Luckily I was standing right by the sink, and so I bent over and proceeded to rinse out my eye. I felt like a mad scientist whose experiment had exploded in his face! I took out my contacts and rinsed and rinsed and rinsed and rinsed! Even after all that rinsing, I was still finding white clay coming out of my eye, as my eye teared it out. Well, now don't I feel like a putz for that happening?! You bet! And you can also bet that the lid will always be on the blender from now on!! There's nothing like having an eye full of mud!! Curious about the phrase, I did some research last night around 3:00 am when I couldn't sleep. I found that it is a toast friends make when drinking. The phrase seems to have originated from a story in the bible about Jesus healing a blind man with mud in his eyes, and so the drinking toast means something like "let this drink heal us and all our problems". I didn't know that, did you?? Tip of the day: Always use the blender lid. It's there for a reason! :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nice morning on the boat!

Well, we did something this morning we don't normally do. We went out on the boat for a cruise, with the dog and the baby! I wasn't sure if it would be comfortable to drive the boat while wearing the baby, but it was fine! I did see her grab the throttle a couple of times, which could be interesting, but overall it was fine! Normally, my job is to drive the boat off and onto the trailer, or anything else in between, so I didn't know if I could do it with the baby. But no problemo! Yay! Now it is to the studio this afternoon. I'm working on another planter for our house and I think I will try a new technique for decorating.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Finding time to work

How can you not love a cute, zany little smile like that one? She is a doll and a joy to have in my life, but it sure is hard to get some time in the studio sometimes. I've been using my spray bottle to mist my work and keep it moist more than ever. I just can't seem to get more than an hour in the clay studio at one time! Even right now, I'm sitting here, doing a short blog, when I should be in the studio with clay under my fingernails. So much to do and so little time! I have so many ideas in my head of things to make, and it's hard to decide where to apply my limited time. To the experimental stuff? New techniques? Good ol' tried and true? What about just making stuff for my house? Planters, tiles, imprints of the baby's feet... Whew! I think I will go drink some coffee and get as much done as possible while the baby sleeps!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My little ballerina turns 1!!

Wow! Marley has turned 1 and I just can't believe it! It is so much work, but it is also so much fun. She made me laugh so hard today, and I just had to take a photo of it. She was having the best time banging on my computer in her little skirt. Enjoy!