Monday, July 27, 2009


This is the first time in a very long time that I get to make pottery and sculpture just for me. I am currently working on more planters for the house, since my first really big one was a bit unsuccessful. I made it in two sections, and the top section didn't survive the firing so well. I suspect the problem was that I fired it before it was thoroughly dry! Oops!!! But here is a picture of the first big coil-built planter with a fern in it. It is missing the top section, but I feel it is still very acceptable, as is. So, I still haven't gotten this planter thing out of my system, so I have been working on another one. Not quite as tall, but I think my technique is getting better. I have also been working on some new decoration for the surface. Since losing my mother this year, I have so much pent up inside of me, and now I think it is time to start the process of getting it out. I am going for personal narrative and iconography in my surface design. I've always enjoyed drawing and carving in the clay, so this is what I am doing. I'm layering colors and designs and materials and so far, I will show you what I have. Now, this planter is still wet, and is not finished, but it is far enough along that I can show you. Here are some photos... That second photo is a detail shot from the other side of the pot. I'm not sure how tall the planter is, but you can see a coffee cup in the first photo to get a sense of scale. If you zoom in, the surface design is all about what has been happening in my life in the past year or so. I shall keep you posted on how the planter finishes up. Please feel free to comment!

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