Monday, October 29, 2012

Professional Development Workshop

This past weekend, I attended a Professional Development workshop here in Charleston.  The instructor was Didi Dunphy, and what an entertaining speaker she was.  It is a workshop put on annually by the Halsey Gallery and Redux Contemporary Art Center.  It was good- some of the stuff I already knew, but there was a lot that I either didn't know, or I know, but am not doing.  These kinds of classes are great for lighting a fire under you to get you moving.   Everyone needs a little kick sometimes!

One little game she had us play was to rewrite our artist statements in a Twitter format. 140 characters or less.  This will give you a concise statement about what you do, so that when you meet someone at a party or wherever, and they ask you what you do, you can easily tell them!  This is your one-liner. Memorize it.  Make it good, make it pop.  Needless to say, I'm still revising mine :)

She gave us samples of her different promotional cards and materials; fun stuff to see.  I'm pretty sure that all visual artists enjoy colorful, attractive cards. 

So, if you get anything like this in your area, it's worth it to spend a day in one of the these classes.  Even if you think you know everything already, there's always something to be learned.  Thank you, Didi!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Art With Heart Fundraiser

You know, one thing that always interests me is how one thing leads to another.  I just love the connections and how each little thing is such an important step in the big picture.  You can't see it at the time, but everything is interconnected.  I just love studying how connections and opportunities bloom out of each other.  

For example, earlier this year, I did a fundraiser in Charlotte (you can read about that event here), for the GBS/CIPD Foundation.  I had a great time and met some wonderful people.  Recently, I was contacted by the Art with Heart organization that helps victims of domestic abuse and many, many other things.  They put on a very nice event, and I am honored to be involved. I'm making some pieces right now for them.  The event isn't until Feb 2, 2013, but I wanted to go ahead and make their pieces.  I have decided to donate two of my larger wall birds, one will be entitled SOAR and the other one is untitled as of yet.  These pictures show the process. I took these photos today in my studio while I was working.

It's fun to do these fundraisers, and it's great that I can do a little something for these charities.

Have a great week, everyone!


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Large Jars

I have been so inspired by the large vessels by Alex Matisse outside the Bascom, that I decided to make some for myself!  I've had so much fun making them, but with my limited studio time, it has taken me SO long to makes these! I've completed one ((pictured), and there's another one almost finished as well  If these work out, they'll flank my driveway or my front porch.  Haven't quite decided yet.  

So now, I have to let it dry completely (which will take a long time), and then some poor soul (ie, my husband) will have to lift this sucker into the kiln.  I have no idea how much it will weigh once it dries! I have had fun building these.  All coil-built, for you clay heads out there.  I don't know why, but I have always been obsessed with working in a larger scale. The small stuff just gets so tedious for me!  I'll be sure to post pictures after it gets fired - if all goes well.  Hopefully I won't blow it up in the kiln!