Friday, August 3, 2012

Light Fixture for my Studio

Today, I got to pull this out of the kiln!!  It was too hot to handle just yet (I'm bad about being unable to wait to unload the kiln!), but I leave town tomorrow and I just had to see it.  And I'm so glad, because I am excited about how it turned out.  This was a fun piece to make - I totally let myself be free and just have fun.  My brush strokes were big and bold and I just got some good colors on there.  Drawing and carving the flowers was fun and free, and the only tedious part was cutting the holes.  I just had to make sure there wasn't any clay clogging those holes.  That would have driven me crazy!  

I've made pendant lights before and had so much fun with the process.  I enjoy making things for the house or studio, especially when they turn out so well.  This light says "Creative Spirit" since it is going in my studio, and I want to draw creative energies into that space.

I'm headed to The Bascom tomorrow to drop off my bronze.  I'm quite excited!  Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!!


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