Thursday, January 10, 2013

Painting on a HUGE Scale!

Surprise! I'm back!  I'm sorry for the absence - sitting down at the computer is so hard these days.  The kiddo always sits in my lap and bangs on the keyboard - which makes it very hard to type :)  She's almost 1 1/2 yrs old now and is in such a cute phase!

But I am writing because I want to share with you a crazy cool, crazy fun project that came my way 2 days ago!  I was contacted by the Robert Ivey Ballet, here in Charleston.  They are putting on a very cool event called Fascinations, and it is a multi-disciplinary event combining dance, music and art.  What it is is this: each artist is given a piece of music (to be played by the orchestra) that is to be the inspiration for the artwork.  The artwork will act as a backdrop for the scene; it will be brought in via the stage rigging, and the dancers will perform their original numbers in front of the original painting.   Therefore, the size of the painting has to be way bigger than anything I have ever done.  My painting will be 9'x12' and it is on two pieces of stretched canvas.  

I was a little freaked out by this project - it is due NEXT week - but things just started falling into place!  The babysitter was available for extra hours (thank goodness!), the canvases were already built and I was given permission to use them, the girl at the art store gave me some good advice on which paints to use.  I even almost got a parking ticket, and the meter maid let me out of it!!  It was like the universe was giving me the push to do this project!

Here's my music - Its called Dance of the Knights by Prokofiev, a well-known Russian composer.  This  will be a performance of Romeo & Juliet, and this piece of music will be for the scene where Romeo and his friends enter the ball and start a fight.  It's so powerful!  I love it and I can't wait to paint to it!!

So yes, I am very excited, and I will  be sharing the process, here, as I go!  Here's to big challenges and new experiences!!!

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