Sunday, February 10, 2013

Changes in my Life

Changes.  Changes and Decisions.  It is a part of life.  In this case, it's a good change.  Soooo much has changed in my life over the past 5 years, and now I feel like I've come out of it on the other side.  I can look back, and see how I've changed, and I can look forward to what is coming.  One of the changes I have made here, in this little space, is that I will be moving this blog over to Wordpress.  I know, I know, it is a pain for you, my sweet followers, and for that I am sorry.  But it is all for the good!  I now have a sweet new website that you need to check out and I am so pumped about it!  My old website was good, but it wasn't mobile!  With all the mobile devices these days, I felt like it was a major mistake to have a website that wasn't viewable on an iPad, tablet, or phone.  I would cringe every time someone wanted to look at my website and couldn't do it due to mobile devices!!  As a busy mom of two little girls, I thought that if I EVER wanted to get a new website in motion, I had better hire someone to do it for me.  And so I did.  It was an awesome decision and I have many THANKS for Laura for making this transition as easy as pie.  If you know Laura, you know that she doesn't let any grass grow under her feet!

So, now I have to ask a favor of you.  Please, please, pretty please, come on over to my new space.  I would love to have you join me over there, where I will continue to write about this crazy thing called life - and ART.  Don't forget the art part!

If you follow me via RSS, don't forget to update that as well - here's a link for you.   

And for you folks that like the Bookmark or "favorites" method, here's your link too.

I'll be moving stuff over to the new blog soon, and in some ways, I'll miss Blogger.  I've been here for a while, and I still like my blog design over here.  But life goes on, and I'm ready for it!  

And just to leave you with a little teaser, I've been working on a new sculpture.  It's called Of Two Minds, and it's almost done being built.  Still wet, needs to dry and then be glazed, but the forming of the sculpture is almost complete.  Come on over to the new blog and check it out :)  See you soon.


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