Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Just Had to Have It!

This is the top half of a mixed media piece (it's mostly clay and tin and wire) made by artist Valerie Bunnell. She's exhibiting here at the ACC with me, and I think her work is just fantastic. I knew if the show ended and I went home without one of her pieces, that I'd be super disappointed. So this is the piece I bought last night and I just love him!! I can't wait to get him home and find him a spot in the living room! So the show ends today at 5:00, and then the task of breaking down begins. Ugh. And then trying to wedge all of my stuff into the car is the next real challenge!! It all fits, of course, but there is a real strategy and order that must be used when loading. Maybe I will snap a photo to show just how full the car really is. Yep, if I remember, I'll do exactly that! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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