Friday, March 5, 2010

5 Little Birds

5 Little Birds Sitting in a Tree... Well, they're not sitting in a tree, but on a shelf in my studio. They are waiting for next week to go to Atlanta for the ACC show! YAY! These little guys have served as fun little test pieces for me. I was playing with color, finishes, texture, and bird form, and I like how they turned out! Two of them have acrylic paint on the bases, instead of ceramic glazes, and I really enjoyed playing with acrylics. I've used them in the past, but in a MUCH different way. I enjoyed using the acrylics so much, and part of that reason is that you get immediate results! There's no waiting for the kiln to fire to see what color and effects you are going to get! That's by far, the best! Why didn't you guys ever tell me how awesome that could be??? So cool, and in fact, I may be leaning toward a more "mixed media" type of finishes for my sculptures. There is just so much freedom and fun things you can do! Just last night I bought some oil paint sticks (Shiva) and I can't wait to experiment with them. On paper and on clay! But anyway, back to the birds... these little guys are no more than 6"tall and so so cheerful. I just had so much fun making them!


  1. cool birds... i like the one in the previous post too. i knew a guy in college that painted all his ceramic pieces with acrylics. there's a lot you can do with the surface especially if you build layers up with a relatively dry brush which will reveal all the intricate surface details. one note of caution and i apologize if you're already hip to this but the acrylic surface can be easily chipped or damaged and repairing is a pain in the butt. glad to hear you are stoked, it's a great feeling when it happens. the post about you knowing you have a toddler is funny too (maybe not so funny for you). when we used to go to a restaurant or somewhere where we didn't want any drama we would tell sofia in the car that if she acted up, she would go sit in the car while we ate. of course this does no good unless you are willing to follow through and it will happen at least once. but she did act up and i took her out to the car and put her in the car seat and sat in the front seat for about 5 minutes without talking to her. after that she didn't give us much trouble.

  2. Hey Jim!
    Thanks for the support! Yes, I know that the acrylic isn't going to be as durable as a fired-on glaze, and I'm kinda bummed about it. I'm just having so much fun and the colors are so intense! The range of colors is more exciting to me too... I'm hoping that a sealer coat will help a little with durability.
    But I really like the idea of taking the kiddo out to the car if she's badly behaved in a restaurant! My hubby and I enjoy taking her out when she is good - she's just so dang cute!
    Thanks again!