Monday, April 5, 2010

Yummy Recipes

Hey everyone! Last week, we had a launch party for Bloodrose, a web comic that my husband, Charlie created with his friend, Nick Smith. It has really turned out great and has gotten some press, as well. Anyway, we had this party and I made a couple of new recipes out of a cookbook Charlie got me for Christmas. It's an awesome cookbook - it's all about using fresh foods from the farmer's market and what's in season and all that. Everything I've made out of it is fantastic. Keep in mind, it isn't a "20 minutes or less" kind of cookbook, but the food and the photos are all wonderful. So I fixed the Zucchini Toasts and the Cantaloupe/Prosciutto melon balls and both plates were empty by the end of the evening. I scanned these in, so excuse me if they are a little crooked. I obviously haven't figured out how to scan things in properly... And then there are the melon balls.... So if you try the recipes, let me know if you enjoy them. Then run out to the nearest store and pick up a copy of the cookbook. You won't be sorry!

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