Saturday, June 12, 2010


The Flying Lessons ecourse that I have been taking has been keeping me awake at night, but all in a good way. Kelly Rae Roberts has been sharing so much information with us that my brain is swirling, swirling, swirling. But I have to say, one of my favorite parts of this ecourse is the incredible community that has developed over the past couple of weeks. Before the ecourse started, I was feeling very isolated and frustrated. I was unhappy with the way my creative life was going. My mom had passed away last year, and she was the creative soul that I shared everything with. Since that time, I haven't really been connecting with anyone in a creative sense. But now all that has changed. It started with the first day of class. People were opening up and pouring out their fears and concerns. And there is something about sharing your vulnerabilities with others that opens you up to friendships. To connections. That very first day, after reading the post about addressing fears, and then reading through all the comments, I felt like I had found long lost sisters. We all had so much in common, so many of the same fears, that is was like a huge, virtual hug. It was so amazing. I think that this energy, this sharing, this caring spirit, all started with the love that Kelly Rae Roberts put out there for us. She set the tone, and it worked like a charm. I am so thankful, so very thankful, to have met these people and find friends in this creative journey I'm on. There is room for all of us and I hope that we can arrive at this place together!


  1. Such a lovely inspiring post and i couldn't have said it any better about our flying lessons with our lovely teacher Kelly! So so so sorry to hear the story about your mama's passing and how lonely this creative journey has been for you ever since. It made me misty. But i am so so happy to have met you and the others lovely classmates and feeling really bless that we were able to connect with one another! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

  2. It is so easy to become isolated... it is a struggle that many entrepreneurs face. Discovering 'community', whether virtual, local, or at a distance is essential to succeeding in any creative business today. I commend you for your openness...this is a message that many need to hear.


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  4. oops, sorry about the delete! Here it is again!

    "And there is something about sharing your vulnerabilities with others that opens you up to friendships. To connections."

    This is so true, Kelly. I'm so very glad to have connected with you. The sweet, supportive comments you have left on my blog have meant so much--my heart thanks you.

    "My mom had passed away last year, and she was the creative soul that I shared everything with. Since that time, I haven't really been connecting with anyone in a creative sense. But now all that has changed."

    How beautiful that you were able to share that with your mom...and that you are, once again, feeling that sweet connection.

    I so would like to sit here & read more of your words but i'm noticing lately that my spirit is telling me to step away from the computer & get outside, walk, re-connect with myself.

    About my blog button...i haven't gotten as far as creating a code (how do we find the time to do all of this???). If you right click on it and save it to your computer, you can then just add a picture (by going into your "add a gadget" function)...this will allow you to add a link too. Eventually i will figure out how to do it the easier way. :)

    Hope you have an inspiring, creative, peaceful weekend.

    Okay, time to go on that walk.

    Sending love to you, sweet one.


  5. so glad you are feeling the connections with so many like-minded people out there!
    and i'm so sorry for your loss last year. i lost my mother 5 years ago, and i relate.

  6. Sigh... I'm pleased I'm not the only one being kept awake at night with so much whirling around my head. I too was feeling very isolated and alone and Kelly-Rae's course, plus all our amazing fellow fliers, have helped me to 'reconnect' again. Isn't it wonderful to find other like-minded souls who share our same vulnerabilities and a desire to practice bravery.... how amazingly awesome that is.
    Wishing you much joy and bucket-loads of courage as you continue your journey, hun.
    Love Jo xxx

  7. Lovely post Kelly! So sorry though, to hear of your Mom's passing... something we will all go through.

    This awesome community in Kelly's class! I had no idea this was all just for me, you... all of us! It's heavenly, all of this connecting to such beautiful, creative, supportive women. (And I think one man, hee hee) I just connected to you on Twitter too. I just signed up last week and there seems to be a freenzy of connecting going on! TOO much fun.


    xoxo Valerie

  8. I bet your mom is so delighted to see you connect with kindred spirits and winged wonders...who knows, she may have delivered us all to you. :) Your creations are absolutely stunning. I can't wait to get to know you better and watch you soar!

  9. I'm really enjoying KellyRae's class, too! But I have a lot of catching up to do. I saw from the spreadsheet that we're both Carolina girls so I wanted to say hey. ;)

  10. Hi Kelly

    I am here from flying lessons too. I loved this post. I can see that you are now truly reconnected and nothing but wonderful things can come from that. Your work is beautiful and I am so glad that I fould your site. All I can say is...YOU GO GIRL.

  11. I like you lots too! I mean I know you didn't address this to me, but the class. Still I feel so glad to have connected with you and the other kindred spirits participating. Yay! Here's to week #3!

  12. I am glad to be flying along with you, Kelly! You and your work are very inspiring to me. I grabbed your button, by the way!

    Community and a sense of belonging are something I have been praying for. I am so glad to have found it with such kind and supportive people.


  13. Oh I LOVE LOVE your work! I am so happy to be connected with you in blogland and to get to know you and your work more. Best wishes to you!

  14. I'm enjoying it too, although I'm not very good at it. I've been struggling with the facebook thing for 2 days. I wish someone was here to just "show" me how the heck it's supposed to work. I'm worried if I don't connect with everyone before the class is over I'll miss the chance... :( Please come find me someday if I go missing...! happy creations, tj in germany