Monday, November 29, 2010

I just finished this Little Bird Mama sculpture

Hi there!

The kiln has been running and it's nice to see some finished products coming out, finally.  All of my sculptures go in the kiln at least three times, to build up the layers of colors I like to have on the surface.  My kiln has good, thick walls, so I usually fire for 9-12 hours, and then it takes about 24 hours for it to cool.  I have to crack open the door once the kiln hits 500-600 degrees, or the darn thing just never cools down.  It constantly reminds me to just "Have Patience"!

This little Mama I built before our trip to San Francisco, but I never got a chance to work on her glazing before we left, because I was finishing up the bronze piece.  I love how she turned out, and the little birdies under her wing.  And then there's the other bird on the base... what do you think he's all about? Is he a sibling of the other birds, or is he an outsider?

In other news, I've been sketching quite a lot over the holiday, and I've been working on three different sketches that I cannot wait to finish.  I hope I like the finished project and can share them here!  One is a bit personal, so I may not share that one quite yet. :)

I have also just added Feedburner to this blog so that you can follow me through an RSS reader, or you can follow me through email if that is more comfortable for you.  I appreciate you taking the time to visit my little space, here in BlogLand!

As I am writing this post, I am listening to Sting.  One line that sticks out to me is:
"Let your soul guide you, guide you the way."  Be quiet, Mind, and listen to that Soul.  It won't steer you in the wrong direction.

Wishing you a happy week~


  1. This sculpture is very touching. I love how the little birds are lined up under her wing. I'm not sure about the bird on the base - he's too big for being a sibling, right? Perhaps it's dad?
    How tall is this sculpture? I like the name, "protect".

  2. Hey Carola,
    This particular sculpture is pretty small.. the height is probably around 13" although I haven't taken the tape measure to it yet. I have done a couple of different pieces with the idea of "Protect" - it seems to be a recurring theme in this line of sculptures :)
    Thanks for checking her out!

  3. Kelly, you've completed another masterpiece here ~~ it is absolutely stunning! I love that you've given us something to consider within the piece, in the place of the smaller birds under the wing, versus the "medium" bird at the base. To me, the bird at the base symbolizes one whom has already learned from Mama how to fly, but whom has chosen to stick around to perhaps protect Mama and learn even more from her, ;). What a beautiful, meaningful piece! I cannot imagine the patience necessary to create your pieces of art ~~ what amazing training and talent!

  4. Thank you for sharing. You are SO creative! I love the expression the bird at the base has. I think he's an older, ornery brother. ;)

  5. Absolutely stunning. I adore the little birdies! And I think big birdie is waiting for the Goddess to finishing caring for the babies.

  6. THe sculpture is lovely! While I looked at the picture - before I read your question, I thought the bird at the bottom was an older sibling, that although needed a bit of protection, did not need to be under the wing ... it could come and go a bit as needed. I love the line from the Sting song - yes it is important to follow the soul, and to have faith - sometimes it is hard....

  7. Hi Kelly,
    The sculpture really looks great. It takes a massive amount of creativity to take a project like that from start to finish. Well Done! Just subscribed to your RSS.