Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quote by Stephen King

I love this quote from Stephen King.  I really do.  This quote is in a book he wrote on writing, but it can relate to so many things in life.  I believe I will adopt this as my new personal mantra.  It takes a bit of courage sometimes to try out something or put yourself out there, but it is SO worth it.  I hope to live my life by this new mantra of mine, and I hope I can teach my daughter to do the same thing.  I even carved this into a new sculpture I'm working on, because it fit my mood and it fit the moment.   So this is a detail shot of the piece after I finished carving it.  I'm still working on the main bird form, and then she has to dry before firing...

And speaking of kids, I'm doing fine in the pregnancy, and I even had some energy yesterday! So maybe I'm coming out of the pregnancy fog, at least for a little while, and this is a good thing with my show coming up! Still have some things to finish and glaze, and not to mention all the packing....  Oh jeez...

And thanks to all the folks on Facebook who have been commenting on the photos I've been uploading! You guys make me smile and my heart sing!!


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