Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I've been Crazy Busy

Hi there!  I've been crazy busy - moving out of one house, flipping it to make it a beach rental, trying to get settled in our new house, had company for a week, and on top of all that, I couldn't get my computer to play nicely with our new wireless set up at the new house!  Not to mention being uber-pregnant and trying not to overdo it and get ready for baby, all at the same time.  Closing in on 36 weeks pregnant and feeling every bit of it :) 

But seriously, as crazy as things have been, I'm feeling pretty good about things.  I have actually done 3 or 4 sketches (but they're not ready to share here), and I certainly haven't been doing any clay.  I knew there would be some downtime as we traveled through this nutty time of transition.  I'll get back to it soon, though, because one of my galleries has been selling the work and will need replacements soon!

In the meantime, now that I am back online, I have been reading blogs again, and Tara Gentile had a great motivational post that fired me up.  I wanted to share that with you. and I hope that it gives you a little boost too! Check her out.

 Hope everyone is well, and I am so happy to be back online, I can't even begin to tell you!  It makes me feel like life is returning to a manageable chaos :)


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