Monday, November 5, 2012

Damian Hirst Sculpture, Love it or Hate it?

Now, if you haven't already seen pictures of this sculpture, Verity, you are in for a surprise.  Damien Hirst is a very popular contemporary artist, who recently had a large bronze installed on the Illfracombe Pier  and when I say "large bronze", I'm talking about 67' of bronze!

I know there is a lot of talk about this sculpture, some people love it, others hate it, but oh wow, you have to appreciate it.  It's so monumental, and the process of creating this thing is just amazing. Take a minute to follow the link and look at how this piece was installed and created.  Just amazing. Absolutely amazing! 

This piece is on a 20 yr loan, so my question is, what will happen to this sculpture in 20 years, when the loan time is up??  Well, actually, I have two questions, how does one get funding for a piece like this?? The whole effort leaves me rather speechless!


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