Tuesday, March 25, 2008

5 Minutes of Fame on Lowcountry Live

I went on Lowcountry Live this morning, which is a local TV show here in Charleston, SC. It was great! We had a blast doing the show, meeting the hosts (they were great!) and getting photos with the famous Pinkie Pie! That was a pretty amazing costume, with blinking eyes and a mouth that could open and close. The personality could really come through - it was so neat to watch it! We actually went on the show to talk about our upcoming Open House on Friday, March 28, but the hosts asked us some great questions about our pottery and photography. It was great to be able to tell our stories, even if it was short and sweet. I explained that I was a local potter here in Charleston, and I got started by taking an introductory course. After that Kelly Thiel was hooked on clay! The hosts, Brian and Ryan were so nice and it was fun to watch how a show is produced. We just sat quietly until a commercial break, then during the breaks, everyone could move around or make jokes, or talk about their new chiropractor. It was a relaxed atmosphere, but I started to get hungry by the end of the show, as they had a chef on the show cooking up some jerk chicken that smelled so wonderful! This amazing art and craft world takes me places and introduces me to people that I would not have met otherwise (like Pinkie Pie). How fun it all is!!

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