Thursday, March 6, 2008

Gasparilla Art Festival was great!

I just returned from the Gasparilla Art Festival in Tampa, FL and I'm STILL recovering from the show! An 8 hour drive on Friday, with set-up on Friday night, only to get up at 5:45 am on Saturday to finish setting up. The show opened at 9:00 am and the shoppers came! It was a great show, with great weather, and I even managed to get a little tan on my shoulders! I have never seen such a crowd on a Sunday afternoon. Tampa is a big city, for those of you who've never been (it was my first time there) and the downtown area is quite large. The only complaint I had was that most of the restaurants close at 6:00 pm and so dinner selections are slim, if you don't want to drive. On Sunday night, we found the best little restaurant called Fly, and it was the best meal of the weekend! I highly recommend them, so try them out. (Not open on Sundays normally). My Meditation Series pottery was a big hit and I sold a lot of work. I created a whole new inventory for that show and sold half of what a took down there. People seemed to like the glazes and my graphic designs. I did not take any sculpture, as I ran out of room in the car!! I would be happy to go back next year if they let me, but at least I will know what I'm getting in to!

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  1. Kell, your work is so amazing! Your so talented and I'm very proud to be your sister in law! I need to get some prices on your work because I'm re-decorating the living room and alot of that stuff is exactly what I'm looking for! :) Love you sis!!