Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Journal Page

Hello there!
I wanted to share a journal page with you this morning!  I've been slowly taking the Alisa Burke's class Sketchbook Delight, and I am having fun!  I'm trying out some new materials like the Micron Pens, and I broke out my watercolors, which I haven't used since college.  I wanted to take this class because I feel like I often get caught up in making my sketches so precise and I've decided that is just not the way I want to sketch (at least not everything!).  I want to capture the things that inspire me, without having to spend three days on a pencil sketch.  I need to loosen up and be a little more free, so that was my reason for taking the class - and I'm so glad I did!

This page came about after I took a walk around my little beach community the other day, and I plucked some dollar weed off the side of the road.  I love their shape and they look so much like nasturtium leaves! (I hope I spelled that correctly!)  They just looked like they'd be fun to draw, and so they were.

Hope you guys have had a great weekend so far.  I've had a good weekend, but it's been a little crazy with a sick dog and a nutty 2 yr old running around :)

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