Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Bascom

Main building of the Bascom

Now that Blogger is back up and running, I am able to post about this awesome facility I'm at for this workshop!  This is my first time here and it's so great to be here, and I'm loving this location.  Everyone is so open and friendly - everyone at the Bascom and everyone in the town too.  I'd love to come back sometime with the family for a vacation, but beware of the windy roads!  You gotta be on your game to drive these roads and I'm glad that I didn't have to do it at night. 

The sign by the road
So here's the entrance to the Bascom.  A rock formation serves as their sign and then you have to cross this amazing bridge.   Barry Gregg is teaching this workshop and check out this youtube video he made about his work and his inspiration.  It's so awesome.
The entrance to the Bascom

So this kind of thing is always so fun.  So much energy in the class and everyone is just interested in creating, and supporting each other.  I just love it.

Here's a pic of the first little birdie I made for our totem.  Everyone made birds, so that was right up my alley! :)  We did make some more pieces, but I didn't get photos.  Time ran out - time just flies by when you are in these classes!
Bird for my totem sculpture

More to come later :)

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