Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wall Birds

I've been working a little here and there, when I have a little time, and I have been making these bird ladies to hang on the wall. They're pretty small, about 8-9" tall (i think) and they have not been fired yet.

I've made a dozen of them so far. I like how they look; in fact, I'd like to see them on bronze too! Even though I don't have a studio yet, I wanted to get a head start on creating some small pieces to fill the kiln, whenever I get that set back up. So I'm just stockpiling a few pieces until then :)

I am starting some other small pieces too - I'll post them after I've made a few more. On the studio construction, I've got a lovely concrete slab that is just ready for some framing. Boy, I'm excited to see that get started! Maybe I'll have a studio early in the new year... Just in time too- I'll need every second to get ready for my ACC show in March... Thanks for hanging with me in these past months when I've been posting so irregularly! I'm feeling a bit better these days. Little baby Finley is sleeping through the night now, and that makes ALL the difference! We will talk soon, Kelly


  1. Hey Kelly, I think these little birds are looking very lovely! good idea to have some pieces ready for your kiln.
    So wonderful to hear from you and the good news that baby Finley is sleeping fitfully ~ makes for a happy Mama.

  2. The birds do look lovely... can't wait to see them when they are finished. And yes what good news that the baby is sleeping through the night... I hope it continues. Also hope that that sturdio is going to be under way soon! How very exciting!!!