Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Story to Share

Well, I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday!!  I got to visit with my family, and as I get older I really, really value my family.  We're a small family now, but I am thankful for them!  My aunt told a story this time that I had never heard and I wanted to share it with you.  When I was a kid, I was forever getting in trouble for drawing and writing on things (no surprise there, huh?) and one day, I locked myself in my bedroom.  Everytime my parents tried to convince me to unlock it, I replied, "I busy!"  Uh oh.  What was she busy doing???  Low and behold, they finally got into my room and I had been doing some serious artwork on the walls with my crayons.  Not the washable kind either.  I thought it was kind of a cute story until my husband piped up with, "She's still drawing on the walls!"  And you know what?  I AM!  I just finished painting these flowers in my 3 yr old's room, and now I'm stenciling a pattern on the wall in the baby's room!  What a riot!  I guess I've always like drawing and painting, huh?  I also remember a time when I got seriously in trouble for drawing on my bedsheets with an ink pen.  I guess they were a little boring as they were :)
Here I am, about the age where I learned to love drawing on the walls

I'm doing well and hope you guys are too.  I'm looking forward to January.  My husband and I have decided to share the childcare during the week, so that we can both have a couple of days to work.  As it is now, it feels like neither one of us are getting much done.  This comes at a great time for me, since I will need to get cranking on some sculptures.  I've got 21 small things made (unfired, but made!) and I plan to keep adding to that.

Hope you guys found ways to stay creative during the holidays!

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