Monday, February 27, 2012

Studio Update

Well, it is finally complete! We received our Certificate of Occupancy three days ago and I'm so happy to have it done. For several reasons, but mostly now I can use the space to get ready for my show! I threw in some folding tables and got straight to work- I have sooooo much to do to catch up!

You can see the boxes lining the walls... I still have to get my shelves from my other studio. I have no where to put things yet, but isn't a concern for now. I'm going to get through this show and then I'll organize.

I am absolutely thrilled to have a space of my own. I think it's do important to the process of creating, whether it's a spare bedroom, a garage, a studio or even a folding table in your house. You have to feel like you have a space to let it all out. I can't wait to settle in and really make this space feel like home. I love it already!!


  1. Oh, Kelly! What a big, bright, beautiful space ... so much light and open-ness. You're going to have so much fun!

  2. Thanks Susan! I'm already having fun :) I can't wait to get that placed all dialed in! I'm feeling an Open Studio coming on in the fall....

  3. What a wonderful space! You must be so excited! I was happy to hear you managed to get some pieces fired, and I can't wait to see some pieces.....after your show though, as I am sure you are crazy busy right now! Best wishes for a wonderful show and have fun!!!

    1. Hey Kim,
      Thanks for coming over! I did manage to get some pieces fired, and hopefully I'll have those done in a few days. Then I have to get everything photographed! Oh my!
      Did you figure out your tea bag art? Blue paper vs. white paper?