Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mudfire Exhibit: House and Home

Kelly Thiel Square Wall Nest at MudFire Gallery

I am really happy.  The House and Home exhibit at Mudfire is now online for preview and it looks fantastic.  I couldn't wait to view the show, since it will be a couple of weeks before I can get over there to see it.  It's a beautiful show, with so many cool ideas on the concept of "House".  And there is nothing but high-quality artwork in that show.  I loved looking at everyone's pieces!

Kelly Thiel
I love that you can really see the texture here
Mudfire really, really does a nice job.  They gave each one of us an exceptional artist page (I wish all galleries would do that!) and took photos of pieces too.  That is a LOT of work when you
think about all the artists and all the pieces! Not to mention their regular day-to-day work with classes, and sleep, and things like that.

So the show is up online for viewing, and goes on sale on Friday at 12:00 noon, so head over there and see the entire show.  A quick sampling of some of the works:
Tracey Broome Of Pere Lachaise at MudFire Gallery
Tracey Broome

Barry Gregg Homecoming at MudFire Gallery
Barry Gregg

Mary Fischer Tall House at MudFire Gallery
Mary Fischer

So as you can see, it's such a cool show. Head over and check it out.

I've got new stuff coming out of the kiln soon.  Stay tuned!


  1. Wish I could get up there; love the texture on your piece; Mudfire did a great job with the photos.

    1. Hey Linda!
      I'll miss the opening of the show, but I'll be there at some point to see the exhibit first hand. I can't wait to see everyone's pieces! Mud fire really did do an amazing job - those guys are awesome~

  2. Looks like a great show. Good luck with it! :-)

    1. Hi Joyce,
      Thanks- I'm really honored to be a part of their show. It's so much fun to be included. I love that place!

  3. Beautiful stuff! and I love that name, Mudfire,

    1. It is a good name, huh? Wish I'd thought of it :) Hope you guys are well!