Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Business Side of Things

Lately I have become very interested in the business side of the art world. It sounds crazy, especially since I've been selling my work for quite a while now, but I've never felt the need to make tons of money with my artwork. In the past, I just wanted to make enough to cover all of my expenses and maybe have a little profit. Then I had children. For the past four years, (since I've started having kids) I've just been trying to hang on. Trying to maintain what business I already had to a certain degree.   I scaled back pretty dramatically when my mom became ill and I was pregnant with my first daughter. Since then, I haven't really had the time or energy to grow my business back to where it was and beyond. Until now.
"Bath Time", stoneware clay

Now we have a second daughter, and suddenly my hubby and I have realized that we are responsible for the education of these two girls! Our schools in South Carolina aren't always the best, and so, with thinking about the future, it's time to start an education fund. Whether it's used for private schools or college, it's time to start moving in that direction. So DH and I want to use our art money to go into this fund. All of a sudden, it's time to get serious! This has had huge impact on me and my thinking. I am now interested in being Professional, with a capital P.  I want to keep better records. I want to increase my annual income. I want to be a smarter business woman with my art! And all this feels great. It truly does. I've decided to stop being nervous or scared about things. It takes so much energy to be nervous about stuff. What a waste of energy and time!

I'm off to Atlanta tomorrow for my American Craft Council show and then to see the exhibit at Mudfire. Lots of exciting things happening right now! I'm feeling good about it all, and ready for whatever happens :)

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  1. so much Beauty found here ... I am in love with ALL the blue birds ... Is the new studio ready?