Sunday, September 27, 2009

Banana Corn Fritters | Weelicious ™ - Fast, Easy

Banana Corn Fritters | Weelicious ™ - Fast, Easy & Fresh Homemade Home Made Baby Food Babyfood Recipes, Toddler Food (and now for big kids too!) Posted using ShareThis


Man, oh man.. You've got to try this recipe. I've never had Banana Corn Fritters before, but the picture just looked so yummy we had to try it. Even Marley liked it and she's going through a picky stage right now. We had it for breakfast this morning. And it was good- a variation on regular ol' pancakes, with the added benefit of the corn for a kid who won't eat much right now. Hope you like it! Hint, Hint: it tastes even better if you serve it on a handmade plate... :)

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