Monday, October 5, 2009

A VERY Early Morning

Well, I had an interesting night last night. Recently, I have been waking up easily around 6:00 am, feeling great and energized. So I've been sliding out of bed and enjoying the peace that the early hour gives me. Last night, I woke up, feeling pretty good even though my eyes were a bit tired. I quietly grabbed my clothes and shoes and crept downstairs. I was already starting to think about coffee, toast, and then out to the studio. But then I came around the corner and saw the clock on the oven - and it was 1:05 am! Oh no! I knew I was in trouble then because I was feeling wide awake. As someone who has had a lot of insomnia over the past couple of years, I am all too familiar with being up in the middle of the night. Its not fun, ESPECIALLY when you have a baby or toddler that will wake up early and be ready to play all the next day! So I read some blogs and tried to go back to sleep, which probably ended up being around...4:00 maybe. Ugh. And here I am again at 7:30 am, wide awake! Today I will leave you with a little pic of Marley and Charlie on the pier here at Folly Beach just the other day. We were killing time before dinner and she loves birds, so we walked the Pier.

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