Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Studio Dog #1

This is one of two studio dogs that I have. This is LuLu. She came to live with us after my mom died in February. All of my family was so worried about LuLu. They'd ask in a sad tone, "How's LuLu - is she okay??" And I'd respond that LuLu was just fine, fitting in quite well at our house. As you can see, she really suffers here. This is her perch when I'm in the studio. On my little futon couch. But it is nice to have company in the studio. Sometimes, I don't even play music, I just work quietly, and I can hear LuLu breathing as she sleeps. It's rather comforting! Now I need to show you Studio Dog #1. He's the Original Studio Dog. But you will have to wait until another time. I need to get a good photo of him!

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