Thursday, October 15, 2009

Delayed Nesting??

Over the past 6 weeks or so, I have been in the strangest mood. I have been feeling a real NEED to get organized and settled. This is very much not like me! A year ago, when we moved in, we didn't really ever get a chance to really finish unpacking and decorating. Up until a month ago, my studio office still had quite a few boxes of things that I actually needed. I would just dig around in the box until I found whatever it was I was searching for. So something happened about 2 months ago, and I started unpacking and organizing! And cleaning, because you know wherever there is clay, there is clay dust! Here is a photo of my studio office, and it has gotten cleaner since that photo. I have hung some more stuff on the wall, like magazine racks to hold my many magazines that I'm addicted to, and another ribbon holder too. I didn't know I had so much ribbon! But I love ribbon, because when I ship to individuals, I like to wrap and decorate the package. Not to mention when friends have birthdays and things... Here I sit at 5:00 in the morning, listening to my baby girl on the monitor playing music. And I'm thinking of ways to organize our laundry room! Our laundry room is a combo playroom/laundry/mail room and it needs some serious help. I started on it last night. Now I think I need to head to Target later today for some inboxes and things of that sort. How weird! I normally hate going through stuff and organizing. It usually seems like a waste of time. There is always something more fun I could be doing with my time. The only reason I can come up with is that I never got to "nest" when I was pregnant due to an upcoming move (why organize and decorate when you will be moving in 4 months??) and a very sick mother. I didn't know that the nesting instinct would come back and hit me! I better enjoy it while it lasts!

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