Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Completion of Address Pot

Yay! This morning I got up early, before anyone else in the house. I made a cup of java and headed out to the studio to work on the Address Pot. I knew I was close to being done, and yesterday was frustrating since I only had 25 minutes in the clay studio to work. I seem to be a little obsessive about leaving some projects unfinished. I like to stop at a good place, and when the completion of a project is near, it is ALL I want to work on! I'll let dishes pile up and bills go unopened, just so I can get some work done. That is how I was feeling yesterday! So this morning, when I woke, I thought "Carpe Diem!" So off to the studio I went, and I was able to finish my birds and thus the address pot is complete! I need better lighting for the final shot, but you can get an idea here. There are detail shots in previous posts.. The finished height is right at 6' tall. There are 5 sections, not including the three birds. I think I will epoxy them on after firing. I think that bond will be stronger, and I won't have to worry about accidentally snapping them off. Let me know what you think! This is the tallest project I've ever made and it took me over a month just to build it. It will be a while before it gets fired....

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