Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Not Meant for Costa Rica

So I've wanted to go to Costa Rica for 11 or 12 years now. My hubby got to go 4 years ago, but that was a boys-only type of trip. Poor thing, I've given him hell for four years about taking me to Costa Rica. Now my chance is finally here, and I discover that my passport is expired!! After the initial shock fades, I get online and figure out that u can hire a company to push your passport through in a super speedy way, for a fee. ($335 total). Not bad! Let's do it! Off to the Fedex store to overnight the package ($60). So we estimate our adjusted travel dates and even change our flights. This is where things start getting really expensive. So we've just paid $335 for the passport company and now we pay out a change fee to the airline of about $1700 to change flights for the whole family. Ouch. Big ouch. And this morning, my package should have been delivered by 8:00 am. At 11:00, this is what I see:
It says: Package In Transit. Wait a minute here!! This was supposed to be delivered this morning! So we call Fedex and one of their planes broke down! Are you kidding me???? We immediately call the passport company and they are swamped with people like me, trying to get a passport by New Years Eve and they are also dealing with people, like me, whose package is late due to the Fedex plane breaking down. Now the US Passport office is closed on New Years Eve, but they are open on Friday, Jan 1. But it's a Friday and it's the day after New Years Eve, so how much is actually going to get accomplished that day?? And then it's the weekend and Monday is jan 4th and I'm supposed to come home on the 7th??? Is it really worth it? Plus I'd have to change another flight and pay another fee.... Oh jeez. I'm not sure what to do... Stay tuned for more fun and adventure in Passport Land! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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