Monday, August 16, 2010

American Craft Council - San Francisco

Yesterday we went to the American Craft Council show at Fort Mason. It was so fun to check it out and compare it to the ACC shows I've done on the East Coast. Fort Mason used to be a huge army base, and the show was held in an old warehouse on the water. It was a cool setting for a show, and they had lots of natural light, unlike the ACC in Atlanta that is held in a huge convention center. I think it gives the show a much different feel. When I first walked in, I spotted a pottery booth that I wanted to hit. Beautiful, salt-glazed work, which I've always liked. It was Insomnia Pottery and of course, that name struck home with me, since I sometimes suffer from insomnia too. But her work was awesome, and we bought two mugs and two bowls. Click on the link to go to her website.
The other booth I really like was sculptor Elizabeth Franks, who started with Aspen wood, and created a mixed media figure out of it. Her figures sometimes had wings made of old hardware and super long legs. I couldn't seem to make an image of hers work,so you will have to follow the link to her website. I know you will like her work!

So I did apply to do this show for next year, and you never know what the jury will think of your work, so I'll have to wait until September to find out if I have been accepted or not.

This morning, I'm off for a run. Eating all this good food and not enough exercise is starting to catch up with me! Have a happy Monday!



  1. Good luck with the application for the show. I hope you can make it!

  2. Yes, good luck--I hope all goes well. This is a gorgeous piece of artwork--thanks so much for the links.

  3. That's awesome Kelly and so brave! Wishing you the best. :)


  4. sending good thoughts your way that they make the right decision to put your work in! i bet it's hard to wait to get the news...but sept. will be here before you know it!

  5. Thanks for the comments on my site! Here's wishing you the best for your application for this show. The sales I do are always very small - I can't imagine preparing for a show of this size! Best of luck, and thanks for the wonderful links!