Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Taking Time Off

You know, I think I must be a little crazy. We have 6 weeks here in San Francisco and my brain is of two opinions. Half of my brain thinks that I should take time off, relax, read books, draw, nap, and generally just play while we are here. The other half of my brain thinks that I should be using this time away from my clay to tackle things like re-doing my website, posting blogs all the time, and connecting with galleries. Generally, doing all the things that I struggle to find the time to do at home. So far into this trip, I've pretty much been doing the first part and loving it. Only a small piece of my brain has been trying to make me feel guilty. Don't get me wrong - I am SO grateful and stoked to be here. We've been doing lots of sightseeing and reading and taking the kiddo to fun places. We've eaten a lot of good food and my insomnia seems to be easing. These are all good things. So, I'll probably continue to do what we are doing - playing - and loving it, with only a small fraction of me feeling guilty. I'll just ignore that part. :)


  1. No, you're not a little crazy at all--it's The Mind that's a little crazy-it really doesn't like us to rest. It wants us to tackle and keep moving and doing. Don't listen...

    Just keep on reading books, relaxing, soaking it all in...there's plenty of time for doing later. No guilt.


  2. Completely agree with Julia. Think you should follow you inner yearnings and use this precious time to recharge and re-energise by reading books, relaxing, soaking it all and enjoying precious memories with your family. Its clearly what your heart and soul want you to do.
    All the creative biz stuff will still be there and waiting when you are ready: stronger and refreshed!
    Huge hugs

  3. Yay - so glad to have you guys support me in my madness! :) I am so thankful to be doing this and I know the chaos is waiting for me back at home! Thanks, you guys~ K

  4. definitely IGNORE the guilt part. I have been battling that since out big move and you know what? I CHOSE to cut myself some slack. So glad I did!