Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Here you go, Birdie

HI again!
I'm back from our short trip to Napa, and we had a fabulous time. No cell phone, no internet, and no TV! We were staying at my hubby's cousin's house out in the middle of no where, and no, I didn't take pictures. Not much view to capture, just a lot of trees pretty tight against the house. I am not a talented photographer, and I wasn't sure that I could capture the landscape properly. My hubby's cousin is just awesome, and he and his wife are so generous about sharing their space with friends and family. It's all very relaxing; you read books, swim in the pool, take a walk down the driveway, paint each others' toenails. (There wasn't a man at the house that didn't have orange or purple toenails!) You barely shower while you are there, and no one gets real riled up about cleaning either. Just ignore those dead bugs in the corner. :) It makes for a wonderful, relaxing and peaceful weekend. So, so nice.

But, I seem to remember promising you guys another journal entry. It's not my favorite, but I'm not redoing it either. There are things about it that I like...but mostly, I love the memory that goes with the saying in the middle. It came from a day last week when we were sitting in Union Square, in the shade of a tree, watching our daughter feed the birds. She kept saying "'Ere you go, birdie", and so it burned into my brain. And I'm so glad it was. I hope to remember that day forever. Wonderful.


  1. The journal entry is great! I really like it too when artist's share a variety of their work and not just what they think is the best of it. I laughed though because I have a few mini art quilts with text like that. One has the refrain to a backyardigan's song. One has something Jasper had said. It's including part of the present in your work. He's moved on beyond the backyardigan's now (for the most part) but it's still there for me to remember that time. :) You'll love this entry in the future, just because it holds this memory for you.

    PS- your daughter sounds so cute!

  2. I love it- your daughter sounds adorable Kelly.

  3. Love the idea of journal. Thank you for showing us. xm

  4. This makes me smile--it's so great to remember these times this way, that you may forget in the future. Your getaway sounds like it was heaven!

  5. I love your latest entry! I also love the description of your cousins place - it sounds very peaceful. Your daughter sounds like a cutie! ♥