Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Heading Home!

I wanted to write a quick post before we leave San Francisco today, because I've been thinking about things that I've missed from home and things that I have enjoyed so much here. Things I've enjoyed here:
  • Good food and a good variety of foods
  • Lots of time with my family
  • Rediscovering how much I like to draw
  • Sunny days without the fog
  • plants that grow here and the flowers
  • watching my daughter morph into a city girl (she loves to ride the city bus)
  • easier sleep - my insomnia has eased up a good bit
  • not having a To Do list!
  • reading more books
Things I've missed from Home:
  • our friends
  • our bed
  • our dogs
  • our Keurig coffee maker
  • my Mini Cooper
  • my studio and my clay
  • watching my daughter launch herself into our pool
  • the sound of summer bugs

There are other things to list as well, but time is short and I have a plane to catch! I'll be absent for a few days while we get our lives back in order at home, but I am anxious to dive back in!
Talk to you soon~ Kelly


  1. Seems like you had a good time with family and away from the to do lists! Nice to see the photo of people travelling as we haven't been on hols this year. Home sweet home soon. xm

  2. sweet. so glad it was lovely. so glad you are happy to be home (or on your way)


  3. What agreat time you had! It makes me want to visit there someday!

  4. Home and away are both such wonderful places. I hope your trip home went well, and look forward to seeing more of your lovely creative works.

  5. San Francsisco is one of my favorite places to visit. So glad your time was restful and inspiring... now back to the clay!

  6. I love visiting San Francisco, too. It's such a fun place for a family. Plenty to do. Great food. But Always good to be home, though.

  7. san fran is great, huh?! but it's nice that there are things about home that area missed!