Sunday, September 5, 2010

Coming Home

We are home now from our trip to San Francisco, and let me just say how SWAMPED I've been! When we started planning this, I knew that there would be some packing/unpacking of the house that would need to happen, as we put away a lot of our personal stuff. We moved most of the original art out of the house and into my studio, as well as special plates/glasses things of that nature. What also had to go, was all the junk that sits around our house, like magazines, cables and cords, and other random bits. All that stuff got thrown in boxes and tossed into my studio. Out of the kiddo's room came all the toys, and all the cute little things that make her room so special to me. Before we left for SF, we went into a frantic state and just started racing to move all this stuff out of the house. It just got chucked into my studio and various closets, and so now that we are home, I am trying to go through everything and get some sort of organization going. Ugh. It's not my strong point and I don't enjoy doing this sort of thing, but oh well. It REALLY needs to be done.

Then today, I started feeling that old familiar feeling that whispers to me. It says "get in the studio and have some creative time!!" I have figured out that when that whisper starts, I better listen. I get super crabby if I don't and my poor family suffers for it. I haven't done anything artsy since I've returned home, with all the unpacking, dental appts, haircuts, and then preschool starting for our kiddo. Preschool, by the way, isn't going terribly well. Little Marley doesn't want to leave Mommy and Daddy to go to school. She's been with us for 8 weeks straight, with hardly any babysitting, and that is the way she likes it. We are hoping that week 2 of preschool goes better and that means less tears for Mommy and Marley. Here is a picture of my little girl on her first day of preschool. Check out that expression - it is so full of uncertainty and distrust!!
So I apologize to you guys, my readers, for being so absent over the past two weeks. Hopefully you understand with all going on, that I had my hands full! I am starting to feel a little better about things, even if it is 3:30 am as I write this... Oh well, I'm glad to be using this time to do something productive since I am awake anyway! But you know what?!? I missed all of you guys during my absence. I feel like I have made a connection with so many of you, and I missed my pals while I was buried under things. I am glad to be back online and look forward to catching up!

I hope that all of you had a safe and happy Labor Day weekend. It is always chaos here at the beach during Labor Day, and all of us residents are looking forward to the return of peace around our little community. Ah, there is no place like home!


  1. Hi, Kelly! Your daughter is beautiful. I hope her second week at preschool will go smoothly. I'm sure it is tough to leave her after so many weeks together. Hoping you get everything unpacked so you can be inspired in your studio real soon. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. So good to connect with you! Happy Day ~~ Jeanne

  2. Oh, the beginnings of preschool! It's hard for the kids and the parents. I'm sure she will evetually feel so much better about preschool and actually like it. At least - I hope so! She's adorable, by the way.

  3. Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I too feel the same way about no creative time making me super grouchy. I am sure you will have many wonderful creative times with your daughter - I have with both of mine - and hope to continue throughout their lives. (your daughter is beautiful - and playschool was hard on us too, but it became easier, and then we both enjoyed it!)


  4. hi sweet Kelly, my you have had your hands full for sure! moving is always such a crazy time, I can totally imagine the chaos it's been and what your going through all finding your feet again. Gosh Marley is adorable, that is such a sweet photo of her... what a wonderful age!
    thanks so much for your kind thoughts over my way... I appreciate it so much and look forward to visiting you more often here in your lovely space too.
    take care and I hope you are all nice and settled soon. xo

  5. Hi Kelly! Oh my, that picture of your beautiful daughter could definitely be titled "uncertainty"! Poor girl-Preschool is so hard at first! I hope she starts to feel better soon. It's exciting to get back into the studio again! Crazy how life gets in the way of that...

  6. Wow, your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! She will get in the swing if things, I am sure.

    And a big thanks for linking me so sweetly on your blog and for your wonderful comments you leave me! You are appreciated! ♥

  7. Hi friend, hope this week is the start of feeling settled in again. I sure do know that transition feeling and I am grateful to FINALLY have it back (it only took ABOUT A MONTH!).

  8. Oh my goodness. That picture is pure sweetness. She's a beauty.

    I wish you and i could get together over a glass of wine and discuss how tough it can be when your little one doesn't want to leave you. My older daughter had such a hard hard time. Thankfully, it has gotten much better, but, whew, there were some tough times. Just keep reassuring her how loved she is and that you WILL BE BACK! I think for a while there my daughter didn't fully trust that i'd be back for her. It can be so hard to know what's going on in their sweet, little heads.

    Just want to let you know that i'm here and i understand. My baby just started kindergarten and though she's totally eager and great with it, i'm feeling that feeling that comes with seeing your baby turn into a big girl.

    It's all such a trip, isn't it?

    Great to have you back, Kelly. And thanks for stopping by my space the other day.

    Sending love.