Tuesday, September 28, 2010

American Craft Council (ACC) shows!

Good evening! I have had the BEST day today! It started with 9.5 hours of sleep last night - wow-o-wow! I awoke early and took the kiddo and myself to our famous Lost Dog Cafe on our little island here. After that the babysitter came and I was able to head out to the studio! Yay! I made quite a bit of progress on one piece and started another while I was waiting for the first one to dry a little. I then took a break and went to the gym for a bit. The kiddo came home, and she was in a fantastic mood and we played, did dinner/bath, played some more and then she went to bed happy. Awesome! And hubby told me today that he was going to come home this weekend - I think he is a little homesick. History: he left on Sunday for a long trip (one month!) to Florida. It sounds crazy, I know, but he's attending Stunt Man School! You know, like for the movies and TV!?!? He is having a blast but missing home a bit, so he will drive up from Florida this weekend to see us. Yay!

The other good thing is that I've been thinking about these ACC shows I got accepted into and I am so excited! The American Craft Council puts on very nice shows; I've been doing them now for 2 years and loving them. The quality of the art is so awesome, that I have to use super duper self-restraint to not blow every dime of the money I make on buying other people's art. At the last show I did in Atlanta, I did have to buy this woman's work - Valerie Bunnell. I LOVE her work! So anyway, you can read about the ACC shows here or here, in some older posts.

So my problem is this: Like the goofball that I am, I applied for the San Francisco show, even though I live on the other side of the country. (I also applied for Atlanta, and that one isn't the problem.) I would LOVE to do the SF show, but I can't figure out how to make it work, financially. It would cost me a bundle to ship my work and fly my body out to California, but it would also cost a lot of TIME to drive across the country, do the show, and then drive back! I guess I applied, thinking that I'd figure it out later... but now I was accepted (yay!!) and need to figure this thing out... Darn! But at least it's a good problem to have. On the flip side of things, I'll be doing the Atlanta show in March 2011 for anybody on the southeast coast. :) So, if anybody has any suggestions, let me know! I'm totally stoked to have gotten in to the show, but now what!?!? If I can't figure it out, I'll have to back out and that will be a bummer. Help! Am I the only one who does this to herself or do you guys have some good stories to tell? Please share!

Hope you all are having a great week!


  1. I wish I had a good story for you to post... but I don't think I do :(

    I think it is super cool though that your husband is going to stunt school!

  2. You're so cool! I read your comment on my last post and all I could think was "I really like her". Silly I know but I thought I'd share. :) Thanks for being so encouraging- it's hard to be open sometimes. But having you and the others encourage me totally makes me so good about it. Thank you. :)

    So what about Minneapolis/St.Paul's ACC? Not Atlanta or San Fran but somewhere in between. Maybe next year?:)

  3. It's a dilemma for sure. Maybe your hubby will make some big bucks doing stunts and $ won't be an issue. It would be awesome if you could make it work, when is the SF show? I almost signed up for a week long art retreat out of state, but backed out because I wanna take my kids to DisneyLand next year. Instead I'm taking a day class for wax painting in Portland next weekend. Keep us posted. :)

  4. I think I'd figure out a way to do the show--I think that everything is for a reason, and if you don't go, you may miss out on another oppurtunity...or not. Anyway, San Francisco is beautiful just to go to!!
    How so cool--Stunt Man school :)

  5. Big Congrats on all this success and stunt school, how cool is that!

  6. omg I am so interested in all of your post, but all I can think of is stunt man school. There is a school for stunt men? And your husband is going to be one? omg that's sooooo cool I can hardly stand it.

  7. All of your comments made me laugh! Especially you, Lori. I guess I'm doomed to be overshadowed by my hubby and his stunt school! :) Yes, there is a school for learning that stunt stuff (there are a couple actually) and this one is in FL. This particular one is $5,000 and lasts one month and after that he should be qualified to go out and work as a stunt man! So far it sounds pretty damn fun, if you ask me! I'll keep you updated so we can all live vicariously through him :)
    And the show in San Fran isn't until August of 2011, and I want to do it so badly that I could just grind my teeth over it. But I hate to be in debt from a show - the wallet likes a profit - and I'm still thinking about it. I liked Diane's thoughts that I should do it someway, somehow, so that I don't miss out on an opportunity. I feel the same way! But oh well, I'll keep thinking on it...
    Love you guys and have a great night!

  8. Congratulations on being accepted into the ACC shows! I find the best thing to do is to follow your heart - if your heart really wants you to go you will probably find a way. Time will provide you some direction - it can be heart tugging in the decision process though. Good Luck!
    and yah - hubby at stunt man school is pretty cool!

  9. I love this post in so many ways...and say follow your heart about the show if possible. :)

  10. I’ve been thinking on this one and suddenly a light bulb went off…. If I were facing the same dilemma here in Australia, I could look into applying for an Arts Council grant. Is there anything like that available to you???? Is your little island considered ‘regional” (lots of grants seem available to “regional” artists in Australia). Does the ACC offer any sort of grant? Could you contact them and explain your situation and see if they know of any funding body? Could you mount a local show of your work and use it as an opportunity to ask for sponsorship???? I really want you to be able to go! I shall keep my thinking cap on.