Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sneak Peek Friday (A Little Late)

Good evening! I wanted to include this on a Sneak Peek Friday about what was going on in the studio, but hubby came home from stunt school and I decided to spend time with him, instead of typing away on the computer.

On the hubby's stunt school update: they have started the "suicide falls". He jumped 10' into a crash pit the other day. Which doesn't sound like much, but understand that they go up to 40-50' by the end of the course! They are doing some fight-scene kind of stuff, and a whole lot of physical training. I don't think they do any kind of fire stuff or driving skills at this school, but I'm still pretty sure that it is way cooler than anything I'm doing right now!! The guy who runs the school is turning 81 soon, and hubby says that he seems so young and vibrant. You go, boy!!

In the studio, I have started two new pieces. One will be about 36" tall when I'm done and the other will be.... maybe 24" tall. Haven't quite figured that one out yet. My sculptures are slow to build since I work whenever I can around the kiddo's schedule.

The piece in the front is the 36"h piece and the piece in the background is the other one under plastic. The sculptures have just started being formed, with no refining of the shape yet. I generally build up the clay as fast as I can, then spend some time shaping and refining after the clay has dried a bit. This next shot shows the excellent use of my slab roller as an armature table. I do actually use my slab roller, but yesterday, I was building armatures for two more sculptures. Threaded rods, nuts, plywood, wire, all the essentials for armatures...
and the next shot shows a couple of my sketchbooks, where I put all of my scribbles...
And then last, but not least, is my shopping list for Lowe's the other day. This is what I did: wrote it all on the chalkboard in my studio, and then took a picture of that on my iPhone. When I got to Lowe's, I referred to my photo as my list. Gee - think I'm a visual type of person???
So this is what I've been up to all week... It may not look like much to you, but it feels good to me! Have a great Sunday everyone!


  1. Hi Kelly, It seems your having fun in the studio. I love your art work! I was supposed to do something for Sneak Peek Friday, too, but I ran out of time. This past week my life was like crazy and I was sick, too. I have to make some ceramic pieces for a friend and add some more to the ones I will take to the upcoming show.
    I enjoyed reading what you wrote! Have a great Sunday.

  2. I have a hang for sketchbooks... I don't have my own but I love to peek into someone else's sketchbooks. Yours is beautiful. Thank you for letting us peek!

  3. Thanks for the invite into your studio! Loved looking around at everything, it’s exciting to see new work underway. I had a dream, during my afternoon nap today, that I dropped over to your place and realised it was only 10 minutes around the corner from mine…. To bad when I woke up you were really on the other side of the world!

  4. With morning coffee in hand, I have spied some future beauties in your studio, Kelly! What a treat of a way to begin my day. The tall piece appears to be a leg form, at this point ... it will be interesting to follow and see what it turns into. Your finished piece is absolutely stunning! Has it made it home yet? I love your list for Lowes ~~ how creative ... with no paper list to keep up with! Wishing you a beautiful day, and week ahead, with safety for your DH and all of your family!

  5. I love looking in your studio-VERY COOL!

  6. Aww I just looooove this 'sneaky peeking'!! Its such a wonderful way to show the realities of life as an artist.... really real and inspiring. Thank you.
    Hugs xxxx

  7. This makes me want to make something with clay, very cool! So fun hearing about the stunt man school. Happy Sunday Kelly!

    ps: I'm thinking I may have wear my snuggie to keep warm while make art in the garage. :)

  8. I love your sculptures. Taking pictures of your list is a great idea. I have to remember that. You'll have to post the finished sculptures when you done. The stunt man's story is interesting reading, too.

  9. that is so interesting to hear about your husband's class! amazing! and so fun to see the work in your studio! always inspiring!!!