Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kylie Stevens Exhibition

Wow, o wow! Don't you love it when your friends really start to fly in doing something they love?? It's so much fun to see your friends succeed, and I am always a fan of people following their dreams. One of my online friends, Kylie Stevens is having her first art exhibit at a super cool gallery, and I am thrilled for her. I wanted to put this invitation up on the blog to show my support, since I am unable to physically attend. Maybe one day when I'm rich and famous, I'll be able to zip over to Australia for all of her openings!

The postal service brutalized her invite a little bit, and so parts of it are smeared, but her beautiful painting is intact. Her exhibit opens on October 22 and runs through to November 10, and I know her work will be well-received. She was just interviewed by one of the newspapers there, so she is getting some great PR for the exhibit already.

So, I wish you luck, Kylie and I know you are going to have a blast at that opening!!



  1. Wow cool, best wishes to your friend! When I first looked at the invite I thought, "man I should try some smearing, that looks magnificent." Then I saw it was a postal thing. Crazy where inspiration comes from! arty hugs, tj

  2. Thanks so much Kelly, I really wish you could be here for the opening too…. One day! What a shame the posty mangled the invite a bit, I’m glad the image remained intact. I’m not sure if I will have time, but I am contemplating having an online opening night on my blog, scheduled to post at the same time as the exhibition – to include all of my far away online friends……

  3. that's so sweet of you to promote her exhibit! lovely flyer! i'm off to check out her work now! thank you for the inspiration!


  4. How nice of you to be so supportive in a virtual way!
    It is so nice to come in contact with fellow artist's here in blogland...came by way of a comment you left on another blog...glad I did...I'm now following you...

    I love your sketchbook page...that's a fun project eh!

    Have a great day..and maybe I'll see you back at my place for a hit of CREATIVITY!