Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thankful on this Cold Day

Can I just say that you guys rock??!!?  I wrote in my last post that I was struggling, and feeling pretty low-energy, and I am so thankful for all your well wishes.  And I am happy to report that I am actually feeling better today (thank goodness!) and I am SO THANKFUL to be back in the land of the living!!  I'm pretty sure that it was a combination of your well-wishes and the multiple naps that got me to feeling better.  I was starting to think I should say I was a professional napper, instead of an artist!

So I was in the studio, snapping some photos of sculptures for a possible client, when my eyes fell on this piece.  It is the back of a base that I have not shared with you guys, but it suited my mood perfectly.  I am thankful for all of my blog friends, my daughter, and my two napping sidekicks (my dogs)!   Thank you everyone!



  1. it's beautiful Kelly! glad to hear you're on the mend! Have a great weekend! =)


  2. I always wanted to become a professional napper... :) glad you are feeling better!

  3. glad you are feeling better and know I am Thankful for you and the wisdom that shows thru!