Monday, January 10, 2011

Picture of a Birdhouse

Hello there, Bloggers!

I should apologize for my absence lately.  I have been struggling with a serious lack of energy and motivation.  I think I know what's come over me, though, and I hope that I can push through this and get going again.  As I write this, I am having a small cup of coffee and I'm going to make myself get productive.  No more lolly-gagging about!!

Things here are so exciting, and I can't believe that I'm just wandering around like a bump on a log most days, with no energy to jump on all the cool things happening in my life. 

But, I have my to-do list right here next to me, and I'm going to keep this post short and actually take care of a task on my list.  But before I go, I wanted to share this photo of a birdhouse I made recently.  The color of the bird is more of a nice turquoise color, rather than the darkish blue that it looks like in the photo...

Have a great day!


  1. glad you are back and ready to work :) hope you are feeling inspired and motivated for a while!

  2. welcome back kelly! love your birdhouses, i've never seen anything like em. Sending you a hug and an energy boost!

  3. This bird is telling me to focus, he's so intense! Love this character built right in

  4. ok, you think you know what's come over you- well, that's good! sometimes it's okay to just be lazy for a while. it'll pass! :)

  5. Kelly, this is such a sweet little birdhouse - I love it for its little bird inside and the uniqueness in the shape. Simply beautiful.
    I'm sending you energy-filled thoughts and hugs - you know, we have to go through those unproductive times to come back with more energy than before.

  6. Hey Kelly, it's probably just the time of year, don't beat yourself up, just go with the flow... and
    there is not one thing that I don't love about this little birdhouse!
    The shape, colors & designs, and of course, the cute birdie ...
    nicely done.