Monday, January 17, 2011

Stretching and Adding in More Creativity

One of my personal goals for 2011 was to start being more involved in the arts locally.  I started working on this at the end of 2010, so I got a little bit of a head start on this one.  I wanted to start networking more and meeting more creative people and try some new things.

This is my lovely welding booth. Number #11!
For Christmas this year, my hubby got me a welding course at the local community college.  Sounds strange, I know, but I've been wanting to learn how to weld for a couple of years now.  I am not looking to get into metal arts, but I do want to know how to make bases and armatures for my sculptures.  I think this would be great knowledge to have.  Thus the welding course gift.  So I went last week to my first class, and it was just a classroom lecture.  Lots of talk about electricity and safety and safety equipment.  All good things to know, because I don't want to get injured doing this!  My first session in the welding shop was on Saturday and the guys are all quite nice.  They don't seem to mind me being a girl, and they don't really try to help/interfere in any way, but they do little things, like make sure I can see during demos.  I'm in that class with some super big dudes, and they always make sure I can slide to the front to see what the instructor is doing.  I appreciate that!  So far, my welding is pretty bad, but I will get better as the class goes on!  I'm so glad I am trying it.  It's fun (and scary) to stretch out in new ways.

Another fun thing I did was on Friday.  Laura, a friend of mine here in Charleston, organized a "tweetup" for ladies who are on Twitter in the Charleston area.  As it turned out, it was mostly entrepreneurs and creatively-minded ladies.  It was a super high-energy kind of thing, and I think that everyone was so excited to be with other like-minded individuals.  There was talk of more group luncheons and some folks were instant friends and began to make plans for other outings.  The girl I sat across from, Charlotte, is a wedding photographer, but also loves the more traditional arts.  She was trying to convince me to go to a figure drawing class here at one of the art centers.  I took a life drawing class in college - and I was terrible!  My proportions were always off and it looked like my models had fallen out of a 6 story window, only to land in these horrible, awkward positions, instead of these lovely, graceful poses that we were supposed to capture.  BUT, in the spirit of the moment, I told her I would love to go, but that I wanted to sit in the back with shields on the sides of my paper, so that no one else could see what I was drawing. :)  But you see, I think it is good to work on drawing and sketching, no matter what the subject, and spending time on learning/practicing other forms of art is not time wasted.  So while my drawings may look terrible in the beginning, hopefully they will start to improve over time.  I will keep you posted on how the classes go, if we actually get brave enough to go! :)

How are you adding to the creativity in your life? Are you taking a fun e-course or trying out something new and slightly scary?  I'd love to hear about it!  I have seen a couple of really cool e-courses out there right now, that I'd love to try....



  1. Hi Kelly;
    I think this will be a great thing for you to learn! My son, who is in grade 10 is bringing home some of his welding projects they are learning at school. It has got my mind thinking!
    In a few weeks I will be teaching Healing Art Journaling at a women's shelter... I have never done this before... so that's what is new with me. Getting out of our comfort zones and learning new things... great stuff!

    Kelly Watts

  2. I would LOVE to go to a figure drawing class, too! That Tweet Lunch was sure fun :) xo -jeni

  3. Great post Kelly! I am terrible at drawing people too :-)

  4. That is awesome your husband got you welding classes for Christmas. In college that was one course that was going on doing my jewelry course and it always interested me. I find it funny in some ways seeing your artwork at The Gallery in Concord, NC that you have trouble drawing the human form. Your pieces in the show were so beautiful and shared the human form in versions so perfect. I was terrible in my life drawing class too in college. I always seemed to draw the females better then the males. But I always hated having to share our drawings some days and most models would walk around during break and look at our drawings. I always wanted to say," I promise you don't look this bad naked."

  5. I am smiling at the thought of you representing the women in your welding class-YAY! I am beginning to take the art that I am doing and combining it with words to offer creative workbooks for 2011- big and scary but that's how life needs to be right? Keeps us feeling alove! (um I mean "alive" but that is kinds cool too!)

  6. Hey- yes, take as many classes as possible. When we can find the time! Drawing, especially life drawing for me is like a workout you have to keep up with it cause I was never naturally gifted at the figure. Have fun, wish I could join you!

  7. Hey Kathy, Robin, and Anonymous :),
    Yes, I am the only girl in the welding class, but it's kind of fun that way! :)
    And my lack of skill at drawing the figure... isn't it funny that I can't draw the figure?? I guess I'm just a 3-D kind of girl, what can I say??? It just works for my brain to create it in 3-D, rather than on paper. But a drawing class with other friends sure would be a fun way to practice! I hope we can get it together!