Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hooded Mergansers!

Hooded Merganser Photo How cool is this guy?? The other day in the studio, I looked out of the window as I was forming a ball of clay in my hands, and saw this guy and his friends in the tidal creek that runs to the side of my house. I tried to get some photos of it, but my little point and shoot doesn't have the zoom to make it a worthy picture. I love being so close to nature. My studio is elevated, because all new construction on Folly Beach has to be due to flooding, and so that puts me right in the trees. And there are quite a few trees outside my window, so I can watch the cute little birdies doing their thing. Anyway, back to the duck. I always thought this guy had a strangely shaped head, but it is actually just a crest. They can lower it or raise it depending on what they are trying to say to the other ducks. I watched these guys for a few minutes, and they were just having the best time, diving for fish. It looked like they were playing. But BRRRRR! That water has to be cold, but it sure didn't bother them! Birds and ducks are amazing that way. They have all these built in mechanisms to keep them warm in the cold. I'm sure some of you in the north with all this snow are wishing for the same mechanisms! I was actually making a small clay bird as I stood there, watching the ducks. Studio time has been going pretty well lately, and that is a fine thing as I have the ACC show coming up. I'll post some pictures of some finished pieces in the near future. There are still a few finishing touches I have to do to some of them. That's all for now!

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