Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Another Girls Night in Studio #2

We had our second Girls Night in the clay studio tonight and it was just awesome. I think the ladies had a great time, and boy oh boy, were they ever productive! We went through about 30 lbs of clay and they really made some fun items. I love seeing people just play and have fun, and not get so caught up in perfection. So many folks don't get any kind of clay experience in school and they come to these parties completely virginal. They use tools in ways I've never even thought of, and do things in a completely different, and fresh way. I love it when they drink a little wine, loosen up and do lots of laughing and playing. I'll have to finish these pieces that they made tonight, and that's not as much fun for them, but in the end, they will get complete pieces that (hopefully) will be functional. There is no way I could get all of these ladies back into the studio to finish their work. Tonight's ladies live all over the country and it was a way for them to have a family night during their Thanksgiving holiday. But what is important to me is that they had a good time, and learned just a little about the process of making pottery. It is an unbelievably time consuming craft (or art) and most people do not realize how much goes into making a single mug or bowl. I think it was just awesome and I hope to do more in the future!

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