Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Birds, birds and more birds

This is an entry from my personal journal: "Why Birds? Why Birds? Why am I totally fascinated with birds right now? Marley loves them too - maybe that's part of it. Mom loved birds too - she was always sculpting them, and even painted them a bit. Birds can seem strong and scary or dainty and sweet. Birds can fly high or swoop down or ride with the wind. Can birds fly all the way to heaven and back? Can I be a bird - fly up high, visit Mom and then return to the ground for my life here? Don't we all want to be birds at some point and just fly away when things get a little rough? If I ever become home-bound due to illness or whatever, I want a bird feeder - fird beeder - outside my window so I can watch their comings and goings. " I wrote this one night and I was just letting my brain run wherever it wanted to go. I think that these thoughts are what's behind my latest sculptures. Other ideas that are all mixed in are: motherhood, passing the torch from my mother to me, raising and protecting kids, transition, and more. Ever since my mom died, I've been feeling all these emotions and they are all mixed together. It is not just one feeling, but a crazy, mixed up pile of emotions, all tied together. I think that for me, sculpture is the only way to get it all out. At least I hope so. Maybe if I get it all out of my system, I'll be able to sleep at night! Soon, I'll post some more images of my current clay sculptures.

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