Friday, November 20, 2009

Girls Night in the Studio

We did it! We had our girls' night in the studio last night and I think everyone had a blast. We had a couple of folks back out at the last minute - they just didn't know what they were missing, right?? Plenty of wine flowed and yummy apps were eaten, and then we got down to business. Two girls got on the wheel and tried their hand at making bowls, and the others made plates and platters using Chinet brand paper plates as molds. I pulled out some texture making things and just let them go to town with it. A couple of the girls had never even touched clay, so it was great to give them a chance to experience that. It is so funny, the personality quirks that come out when one plays with clay. You can see who is nervous and worried that her piece won't be awesome. It IS sort of scary, to be presented with so many options and only two hours left, so in your head you are thinking that you better get busy! Welcome to the clay world! I hope to do that again sometime in the near future. I think it is a huge amount of fun to share my "clay bug" with my friends. And sure enough, they were talking about taking pottery classes before the night was over! Ha Ha! We suckered you in (insert evil laugh here)...

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  1. was so much fun!!! Thanks so much, Kelly. And yes, I was the quirky one with the Type A personality who was afraid it wouldn't turn out "just right". Pottery is like life...there are so many options you can become just gotta jump in there and "do something"