Monday, November 30, 2009

Influence of the Holiday

As most of you know, I have been sculpting a lot of birds lately and just a couple of days ago, I started a new sculpture. It will be a bird with a woman's face. I'm not doing the whole bird, just the front half of the bird. So yesterday I went into the studio for some clay time, unwrapped my sculpture, and thought - woah! That thing looks like a mounted Thanksgiving Turkey! (It has a square base - thus the "mounted" part of it.) So I spent the next two hours cutting away, and adding clay to get rid of the Turkey and make it into more of a falcon type of body. Thank God I caught that - can you imagine if I went through all of the process of building a piece, to fire it and all, and then take it out of the kiln and think - "that looks like a holiday turkey"????? I didn't take any pictures of it, on purpose!! I just couldn't stand the sight of it anymore and got to work right away. Sorry. Just use your imagination and think "bird, right out of the oven" kind of thing! Anybody hungry?

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