Sunday, November 8, 2009


On Saturday, my hubby and I (and the kiddo) went to the Ikea, in Charlotte. I was so tempted by Ikea because you can get some nicely designed items for an amazingly cheap price. I'm not sure how they keep their prices so low, and I'm almost afraid to know how they do it, but I do enjoy the benefits of it. So I walked into the kitchen and dining section, and wham! I see dinnerware for 6, an entire set with bowls and everything, for $19.99!! As a potter, that does all sorts of crazy things to me. I can't believe that plates and bowls can be found so cheaply. We, as potters, struggle to make a single plate and sell it for $25. Even I was tempted to buy a set (I didn't though!) just so I could set a pretty, and different holiday table. So easy, $20 later. If I were to go home and make a set of plates, would I even have them done by the holidays? Would I like them enough to use them? It is so hard to compete with those low prices, and the general public has no understanding about the process of pottery making. It is hard to teach them, especially when they can find prices like that. Now I did end up buying some stuff - a coffee table for my studio, an art easel for Marley and a huge 10 x 12 rug for the living room. Again, all items that could be handmade, but I went to for the inexpensive items. You gotta pick your battles.

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