Thursday, November 5, 2009

Birds will have to sleep this weekend

We are heading to Charlotte today to visit our good friends. I am looking forward to seeing them, but I have a sculpture in the works out in the studio and I hate to leave that unfinished all weekend. It's a woman who is morphing into a bird, and I need to work on her wings. I hate to leave a project when I haven't reached a good "stopping point". I guess I'm a little OCD that way. I also have all these other projects around the house that I want to work on, like landscaping our front "yard". There are just never enough hours in the day! But here is a photo of my Bird Lady. I still need to give her wings and feathers, but you can see what is going on... That's a bird bath she's sitting in. She'll just have to sleep all weekend and be ready to work Monday morning...

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