Friday, November 6, 2009

A Good Pillow Fight

Wow, Marley just had her first pillow fight, although there wasn't a whole lot of actual "fighting". But she loved getting hit with the pillow! And I was using my cool, new iPhone 3GS to take the video. I love my new phone! How cool! And boy, this little girl is turning into an artist. We mistakenly bought her some crayons and left them out for her... and now we have crayon on the walls, crayon on the cabinets, crayon on the washer and dryer, crayon on the white window trim... You get the idea. And, no, those weren't washable crayons! But just today, I went to Target and got her a slew of washable crayons, so that our furnishings will be a little safer. I can't get too mad because when I was a kid, I drew all over my bedsheets one day when I found an ink pen lying around the house. Mom was a little pissed about that!!! And here I am, 37 years old, and I still love to draw! So hopefully Marley will continue to love to draw too. With washable crayons, of course!

1 comment:

  1. Try a magic eraser, I think it might work on crayons!!