Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The End of the 101010 Project

Wow - it has been a crazy two weeks, but I have so LOVED reading everyone's answers to these questions!  I thought a few of the questions were hard, and I had to do some real thinking about the answers.  

But that's why it was great - it made us think.  And I really and truly thought "my" question - the color question - was so cool.  I am very color-oriented in my life and it seemed to be a perfect fit.  

I want to thank Robin for coming up with such a fun and exciting project!  And what's more is that she is going to do two more sessions of this same project with other artists, and once again, I'll be jumping around, reading everyone's answers.  The next session kicks off on June 15.

If you missed some of the soulful goodness that has been shared, make sure and head over to the blog that holds ALL THE DETAILS on the project: CLICK HERE

So if you stuck with us the whole way, thank you.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Now it's back to our regular programming :) 

Have a great rest of the week!!

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